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Another way of putting our patients first

A virtual consultation is a remote video conversation between a patient and a healthcare professional. It is a convenient way to consult your healthcare professional and get quality medical advice and treatment without making a trip to the consulting rooms. This process is not changing the who, but rather the whenwhere and how of care delivery.

Our clinic offers General Doctor  and Psychotherapy virtual consultations.

Virtual care doesn’t replace face-to-face health care consultations, but offer an alternative. It is a convenient way in which elderly patients, those with chronic diseases, patients with disabilities and those located far away can connect with a trusted healthcare professional. It is also a suitable alternative during the COVID-19 period of social distancing. Remote scripting can also be done.

Continuity of care is important. Because of our personalized care approach, Eye Care Centre is one of few health providers in the country able to offer follow-up in-person consultations with the same doctor who you consulted virtually or the other way around.